Reading Eggs – Chinese Version

致家長:本校一,二年級巳用作課程一部份巳實踐了一段時間, 我們希望能夠繼續用下去即到學期結束。 要購買此課程的全年費用是30元,而正常一年費用是79.95元。Reading EggsReading Eggs 是一個全面的學習體驗,有助孩子發展閲讀能力及閱讀技巧。 因為Reading Eggs 是以獎勵的形式去鼓勵閲讀,誘發閲讀興趣。 這是一個網上學習平台,提供全天候24小時服務。Reading Eggs 學習流程學習技巧 - 孩子完成越個120 個網上動畫課程後,孩子會學習到應有的閲讀能力,而且透個每一節多元化及有趣的活動中,使學習基礎更穩固。閲讀書 -  透個網上閲讀學習生字,增強閱讀信心。賺積分 - 每完成一節課,可賺取積分換取積分遊戲。問題- 每完成十個課程,孩子要解答有關課程問題。Reading Eggs 是設計给3-7 歲幼童的程度,當你完成這課程, 會有一個更深程度名叫Reading Eggspress (7-13 歲)繼續使用。此致Junior Team Teachers----------------------------------------------------------------------(   )    我已付/ 或巳網上付(請刪除其一)$30元正購買此課程的全年費用。學生名字:______________________________  班號:___________________家長名字:______________________________ 簽署 : ___________________

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Max Won a Gotcha for Room 7:

Max's name was drawn out in assembly as being a Gotcha winner. This means he was noticed for doing 'the right thing' during the previous week. At BBPS gotcha winners can choose their own reward. Max chose to have the

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Beach Clean Up – Chinese

 Please see your class teacher for more information. Thank you.

Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup17 February 2017Dear ParentsAs part of our Inquiry Topic we have been learning about being a conscientious member of our community. Next Friday 24th February, all classes will be taking part in a beach clean up to demonstrate how

Book Character Parade – Room 12

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Book Character Parade

This morning the Junior School and the Middle School had a book character parade around the courtyard to celebrate the end of a successful Book Fair Week. Travis said," We can write about how great it was."Ranya said, "We saw a

Junior Team Newsletter – Term 1 2017

A very warm welcome to all our students and families in the junior team, especially those who are joining the BBPS family for the first time. As a part of the BBPS junior team we strive to ensure that children

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Junior Tabloid/Picnic

 Dear Parents/Grandparents/Preschool SiblingsYou are hereby invited to come to school at 11.00am on Friday 9th of December (this Friday) and watch, or join in, our tabloid rotation for one hour.At 12.00pm we will collect our lunches and teddy bears and

Balloon experiment

Room 2 has been doing science.  My favourite experiment we did was the balloon experiment.  We all thought we were going to rub it on our heads and make our hair pop up but no we were sticking a kebab

Fancy Feet Day


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