Dear Parents/Grandparents/Preschool Siblings

You are hereby invited to come to school at 11.00am on Friday 9th of December (this Friday) and watch, or join in, our tabloid rotation for one hour.

At 12.00pm we will collect our lunches and teddy bears and walk to the reserve further down the road at about 69 Clovelly Road (Bucklands Beach Reserve).

We will be back at school for the remainder of the school lunch break at 1.00pm.

We are looking forward to sharing this time with you.

Students are allowed to bring a stuffed toy to school for this event. (Preferably with a nametag tied around its neck!)

Thanks for a great year,

From the Junior Teachers.


I give permission for my child ____________ of Room ___ to walk down the road to the reserve.


I understand the whole Junior School, and accompanying parents and teachers; will be off the school grounds from 12.00pm -1.00pm. (If raining; it will be cancelled for this year).


Name _________________                              Signed _________________