Middle School (Years 3 and 4) Swimming Carnival

Dear Parents/Caregivers  Middle School (Years 3 and 4) Swimming CarnivalAs part of our Swimming Programme this term we will be holding a fun Swimming Carnival to celebrate our new learning and the development of skills.  We have included a range

Swimming Sports Results

Congratulations to all our swimmers today.  Here are the results:Curry Cup WinnerLoren VenterFreestyle8 year old girlsKymond ChanEleanor YoungRuby Snell8 year old boysNoah KeelEqual Harrison Cate, Marcus Yan9 year old girlsChloe YangHannah BoyesAimee Gao9 year old boysJackson SteeleOscar ZhengJohn Cheng10 year

Swimming Sports

On Friday all of the Senior School went to Howick Intermediate for their swimming sports.We went on the bus and it didn't take us very long to arrive there.  First we sat next to our whanau flags and we put

Swimming Races

At 12;30 we were in a rush.  Then we race a relay.  The water was cold like a morning breeze.  Everyone felt like  a refreshing dip of water.  .Everyone was as fast as a rockets . .Then all of the

Swimming Sports

School Swimming SportsLast Friday we went to the Howick Intermediate pool for our swimming sports. It felt so nice and it felt like jumping into an ice bath as the water rushed through my face.  Everybody in the pool was

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School Swimming Sports

 On Friday the twenty-sixth of February the Senior school went to their swimming sports. It was only the Seniors that went down to Howick Intermediate to race in their twenty-five metre pool. I hopped on the bus with the rest

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School Swimming Sports

On Friday the 26th of February, the Year 5s and 6s of BBPS went to Howick Intermediate for their swimming sports. We drove down there in a school bus with leather seats. When I stepped inside the bus, a blast

The Swimming is coming along nicely:

We have swimming twice a week. There is a huge range in abilities in the class. Some who won't put their heads under unless coerced, through to those who swim lengths with ease, in squad-like fashion. Everyone is enjoying the

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