On Friday all of the Senior School went to Howick Intermediate for their swimming sports.
We went on the bus and it didn’t take us very long to arrive there.  First we sat next to our whanau flags and we put down our towels down to sit on. I could hear the birds chirping loudly.

After we all got ready Miss Redpath shouted out first “eight year old girls” for the freestyle and all the eight year old girls who were doing the freestyle stood up and dived into the pool.
Then they called eight year old boys freestyle and they swam. Then nine year old girls and boys came. Then it was the turn of the ten year old girls and boys. After everyone had done their freestyle they called the finalists and the finalists had to have another race to see who would win.

After that they called out the winners for the freestyle. The same age groups competed in their races which included breaststroke and backstroke. I competed in the nine year old girls’ backstroke. The water was very cold. I had butterflies in my stomach when my race started. I came 4th place without stopping but I didn’t get into the finals.

I was very proud of myself for swimming the length of the pool without stopping. I really enjoyed my experience at the swimming sports. I would like to go again next year.