On Friday the 26th of February, the Year 5s and 6s of BBPS went to Howick Intermediate for their swimming sports. We drove down there in a school bus with leather seats. When I stepped inside the bus, a blast of cool air blasted me. I was really glad for the air conditioner because outside was like the Sahara Desert. We arrived at Howick Intermediate. I gazed around with awe because the school was HUGE and had thousands of classrooms. I then saw the swimming pool.  All of a sudden, I felt nervous and excited because we were about to race. I had butterflies in my stomach as we walked down to the pool. The bank beside the pool was all grass. The grass was really loose and flew everywhere when I laid my towel down. It was green, sticky and really, really soft. The teacher called out 8 year old boys, 8 year old girls, 9 year old boys and finally 9 year old girls. I waited for my turn, butterflies and snakes in my stomach. Then, it was my turn to race. I crouched on the hot, stone surface of the pool bank, ready to dive in. The clapper went. I pushed off into the water, feeling a rush of wind in my face. The water tasted bitter as I swam as fast as I could, pushing through the clear, crystal water. I could hear the muffled cheers as I swam to the finish. I swam harder then I have ever swum before, my muscles burning with each move. When I felt the wall, I stood up, panting and exhausted. I gazed around, watching the others catching up and finishing.