On Friday the twenty-sixth of February the Senior school went to their swimming sports. It was only the Seniors that went down to Howick Intermediate to race in their twenty-five metre pool. I hopped on the bus with the rest of my class, I sat next to Luke and Troy. When we got there all the students spread out their towels on the soft, loose grass and got ready for their races. I waited until the teacher with the megaphone called out to the nine year old boys to go race in the crystal, clear, cold water. BANG! I dived into the pool, the wind rushing past my face as I hit the water. I could smell the strong smell of chlorine going up my nose. The water rushed past my face as I pushed it aside and sped to the other end of the ice cold pool to complete the intense and tough race. The swim felt great after sitting under the hot heat of the sun. I had done it! I got out of the pool and shivered back to my towel to get ready for my next race in the clear pool that looked like a shimmering diamond. I watched my friends swim their races. Then, suddenly, a loud voice spoke through the megaphone “NINE YEAR OLD BOYS TO THE START LINE PLEASE!!”. I quickly walked to the start line and waited for the signal to hop in the pool and to get in our positions to push off the wall powerfully. BOOM!! went the clappers. The race had started. I was zooming through the water like a rocket launching. I stretched out my hand, waiting, kicking as hard as my legs could kick wanting desperately to feel the smooth wall. I touched the wall with excitement. My feet felt for the ground, I stood up and pushed myself out of the rippling water. I stood up and shivered I walked my cold body back to my grassy warm towel and sat down. Then I waited patiently for the teacher with the megaphone to call out the next race I had entered, breaststroke. “NINE YEAR OLD BOYS BREASTSTROKE!” I heard. I made my way over to the start line. BAM! went the clappers. SPLASH! the water flew out of the pool as I hit the water in a streamline position. I popped out of the water with every stroke. I glided smoothly through the water. I reached for the wall and touched it with both hands at the same time. I had done it! I was covered from head to toe with water filled with chlorine. I had just finished my last exciting race. I packed up my belongings and threw them on the floor of the bus in front of where I was sitting. It was a long trip home. I was completely tired and bored. As soon as we got to school we left to walk home under the burning blaze of the sun. I loved my day.