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I am a year five student at BBPS. In my spare time l love to swim and read books.

Student Council

25/5/16   Today at the student council meeting we discussed the following:Pink Shirt Day was a success, the waka is on the back of the stage, if you would like a look.Have a mini shop under the junior play ground

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Why Do Birds Sing?

Have you ever wondered why birds sing? When you hear a bird sing it often means they are communicating with other birds. Male birds use their voice to warn other birds away from their territories. Birds can sing at any

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Student Council

Today at the student council meeting we discussed the following:Orange soccer nets need to be put on properly-Cayden to sortHave a blue day to support the Maui dolphin-bring a gold coinScooters-we had a discussion about a scooter lock - this

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Water in the 1800s

On Tuesday, Mr La Roche, a member of the Howick Historical Village, came to talk to the whole Senior School about water in the 1800s. First Mr La Roche talked to us about the wells in the olden days. The

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The Sunset in the Redwoods

I bounded out of bed just when my alarm clock rang. Today I was going to go camping in Rotorua! After I ate breakfast, my family jumped into the car and drove the three hours drive down there. When we

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My Environmental Footprint

Yesterday our class went to the Tread Lightly Caravan to learn about the environment. First my group went to station two to see what used more energy, a torch or a drill. We had to pedal a bike that powered

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