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I am a year five student at BBPS. In my spare time l love to swim and read books.

Charlie Bright

Charlie Bright’s face is always in an unreadable expression. Clumps of long black hair fall off his head at odd angles like trees bending over in a massive storm. Bits of dried mud cling onto his smiling face. Even though

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Artwork Reflection

My favourite piece of artwork we did this year was probably the Picasso art. Pablo Picasso drew lots and lots of peculiar, different abstract art of living things. Pablo arranged every feature of our face in different places on our

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Rio Olympics 2016

Finally after four years of waiting, the Summer Olympics has come again, this time in Rio, Brazil! New Zealand is currently coming 16th with one gold in the men's rowing, four silver medals in the women’s Rugby Sevens, men's team

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Student Council

Wk 3Booked 29th of November for the Wet and Wild Day- Asked Mrs CromptonWhat activities do we want in the Wet And Wild Day?Notice for the Secret Santa at the end of the year 

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That Was Summer

 Remember that timeWhen the burning hot sun scorched down on youLightly burning your skin?Or running among the soft green grassShouting happily as if you were in heaven?That was Summer Remember that time When it was Christmas Day And the lovely aroma

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 Happiness is yellow like the burning hot sunIt tastes like delicious golden syrup It smells like pink blossoms It looks like the blue sky above us It sounds like a thousand choruses of joyAnd it feels like being surrounded by

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Student Council

WK9Build a toy race track for next termWe might need another sandpit for Senior and Middle school or let the Senior and Middle School take a turn in the Junior sandpitAstroturf Timetable RevisionMufti Day-Give cans going to the food bank

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MOTAT Inventions Trip

Yesterday, all the year five students visited MOTAT to learn about inventions. When we arrived, after a quick morning tea, we were off exploring every corner of MOTAT!My group led by Ben's mum had a list of places we needed

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Student Council

Week 6Room 7 shared their ideas about the Gotcha rewardsIdeas for lunch time games for Juniors and Middle School 

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Pink Day

Pink Day is a day where there is no bullying. The whole school is wearing pink today including the teachers to support anti bullying. Every class had to decorate a paddle for our waka, that will be made out of

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