image imageFinally after four years of waiting, the Summer Olympics has come again, this time in Rio, Brazil! New Zealand is currently coming 16th with one gold in the men’s rowing, four silver medals in the women’s Rugby Sevens, men’s team track cycling sprint event, women’s canoe slalom and the women’s shooting.

The legendary swimmer Michael Phelps has just won his 21st gold medal and the whole world is talking about it. But there was going to be a big surprise for his fans! In the 100m butterfly event a Singaporean beat Michael Phelps with a time of 55 seconds! He met his idol Michael Phelps when he was about 8 years old and now the Singaporean beat him!

Just today, after the U.S swimming team of four won a gold medal in a relay, they were threatened by a gun and robbed of their money! The gunmen were posing as police officers. Luckily they got away unharmed!