Yesterday our class went to the Tread Lightly Caravan to learn about the environment. First my group went to station two to see what used more energy, a torch or a drill. We had to pedal a bike that powered the two pieces of equipment. The drill was much more easier to power than the torch! The man that was supervising our group then showed us three different kinds of light bulbs, and we had to spin a wheel to power them. Next my group went to station three. I learnt that all the lazy people that can’t be bothered to put their rubbish in the bin dump it in the drain, and when it rains the rubbish gets carried to the river! Then my group went to station four to study bugs through an incredibly strong microscope. Next we went to station five where my group had to answer some questions on a touch screen. The results for our group said that if everyone lived like us we would need 2.5 earths! Then we went to station six where we had to type in our starting point and then type in where we are going to, which was our school. It said my group walked 6 kilometres and drove 3 kilometres. Finally Ari, Parker, Jack S and I went to our last station. I learnt that the phone companies actually want the phones they make to break because if the phones are broken, the people have to come back and buy new ones and the company gets more money.

At the end of the session we had to walk around and choose a pledge to help our family be more environmentally friendly. My pledge was to use the back of a piece of paper before recycling it. I think it’s a good idea to do that because everyone will be wasting paper if they don’t use the other side. You can use the other side for drawing pictures, drafting paper, or just about anything you want. It will make a massive difference to the world!

If the world suddenly ended because pollution was everywhere even the air was polluted, and mankind had to leave earth and move to another planet, these are the top ten things Mrs Wilshire and the class came up with: water, food, oxygen, medicine, seeds, wood, animals, tools, clothes and toiletries. We would definitely need water, food and oxygen or we would die straight away. We need medicine in case we get sick, and we need seeds to grow crops. We need wood for lighting fires, and animals in case we run out of food. Tools, clothes, and toiletries are also essential to bring.