He sunset in the Redwoods

I bounded out of bed just when my alarm clock rang. Today I was going to go camping in Rotorua! After I ate breakfast, my family jumped into the car and drove the three hours drive down there. When we finally arrived at our campsite, we set up our tent and put our camping gear in it. We ate an amazing dinner of fish and meat and settled in for the night.

The next morning we went to the Redwoods. We walked the short walk which was just a half hour. Then we experienced what it would be like to be as tall as a tree with Redwood’s new facility the Treewalk. There were lots of tiny bridges held up by extremely strong cables and ropes. We were standing in mid-air about twelve metres off the ground! The Treewalk took us around the whole track. It was so fun! Then we went to Blue Lake to have a swim in the crystal clear water. There were platforms spread out along the water for you to jump off!

After the swim we set off for a another hike. This time the walk was five kilometres around an enormous hill. I had bought my camera and was snapping photo after photo of the lush green environment. It was a bit tiring but it was worth it!!