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Renewable and Non-renewable energy

  This is Alfie's presentation on renewable energy and non-renewable energy  

Our School Cross Country

On Friday the cross country was on. We lined up.  When I started to run the wind blew in my face. I sprinted down the track.  When I looked behind me there was like a stampede behind me.  On my

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My Papa

My papa was very kind as he helped us build stilts  and skateboard ramps.   My favourite part about him was when he always did cheeky things.  He's the best Papa ever.  I really miss him. He died in October because

By |21st July 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

Red Beach

On Friday morning 4th of March the Year Fives went at 7:30 to Red Beach to learn about water safety. The lifeguard that our class had was called Nick.Everyone got changed had a snack and then we got shown around.

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School Swimming Sports

On Friday we went to Howick Intermediate.   When I got on the bus I sat with Jake.  I felt the bumps while we were driving.  When we got there we watched the Curry Cup.   I was nervous because

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There are many types of lightning such as fork lightning which splits like a fork.  It's one of common types in New Zealand.  New Zealand doesn't have as much lightning as other countries.Negative and positive charges cause lighting. The positive and

On The Island

When I step on the Island of Wonder I feel like the smooth seal which just came out of the sea.  It makes me happy.   The water is so warm.   I really love the swing on the massive tree.  

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Dolphin Haiku

Dolphins squeak and jumpSwimming like a jet, zoom, zoom Crystal, clear sapphire.  

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A man came in called Mr. La Roche.   He was very old. He told us about old times in Howick in the 1840s.Back in that time to wash your clothes you used charcoal. When you washed your hands you

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Fractions Work

This is my fractions presentation. 

By |22nd June 2016|Mathematics, Room 2, Senior School|0 Comments
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