On Friday morning 4th of March the Year Fives went at 7:30 to Red Beach to learn about water safety. The lifeguard that our class had was called Nick.

Everyone got changed had a snack and then we got shown around. Everyone got to see the quad bike. The IRB is used to rescue people from drowning and to rescue them from a place out at sea and to bring them to shore. The red and yellow flags are where you are supposed to swim in between.

We had a few beach games like running together. Then we had free time in the water. Everyone jumped the waves which were massive waves that I body-surfed up to shore. There were waves one and a half metres tall. Then after that we were told important things that people need to know. We had a rip safety diagram to learn about rips. Then we were on our way back to school. I fell asleep in the bus.

By Alfie