Buddy Reading with our R11 Buddies

Every Monday Room 2 listen to and read to their buddies from Room 11.  We thoroughly enjoy our time helping the Year 1 children with their reading and it gives us opportunity to practise our oral reading skills.  It is

How Big Is Your Footprint?

The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the warmth and making our planet warmer and warmer.  Fertilizers, cars, helicopters, planes and animals contribute to the greenhouse effect.   The greenhouse effect is where factories and fires produce smoke and the

Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect traps the sun’s Rays and makes our planet warmer and warmer. Factories, cars, animals and planes contribute to the greenhouse effect. Tasmania,Britain, Northern Russia and New Zealand have humid temperatures. Deforestation is a major problem because it

Chinese Singing Competition

Congratulations go to Mulan R2 and Jocelyn R16 who sang together in Mandarin at an evening performance at Sommerville Intermediate School on Thursday evening.  The girls were placed second and shared a cash prize for their efforts.  We are very

Watercare by Chloe

Why we need to conserve our water system.

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Water is a finite resource. By Allan Han

Slide show about why it is important to conserve our water

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The Rollercoaster Ride by Grace

The RollercoasterI walk to the Thunderbird ride, and all I hear are moans and groans. I let out a sigh. My smile starts to fade as I see the never ending que. As I wait in the line, I wonder

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Moment in Time – Rollercoaster

Roller coasterI get to the line for the Wild Chase, and I sigh. My shoulders drop, my happy spirits evaporate. The line is longer than the Nile river! I think it would take 5 years to get to the front.

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Year 6’s get ready for camp

Today our year 6 students worked together to pitch the tents they will be using at camp. It was great to see the team work and enthusiasm.

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Jack’s golf course about angles

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