Roller coaster

I get to the line for the Wild Chase, and I sigh. My shoulders drop, my happy spirits evaporate. The line is longer than the Nile river! I think it would take 5 years to get to the front. I start moaning, even though we have only be waiting for 5 minutes. I hear the shrieks of the lucky people riding the roller coaster. I finally reach the front. I can see the white faces of the people on the roller coaster.


I regret waiting in the line. I climb into the carriage like a turtle, then I triple check my safety bar. I tighten my grip, as the rollercoaster slowly clunks up the track. My knuckles are turning white, my muscles are tensed, and my butterflies have over flowed. I think the old rusty roller coaster is about break.


Suddenly, the roller coaster speeds down a steep track as fast as lightning. I scream,”Ahhhhh”. I feel my blood rush into my head.   I knew I was on the big loop. We shoot up a steep hill, and then speed down a huge downhill. I suddenly feel the the rollercoaster lurch to a stop. I climb out of the roller coaster, feeling a bit giddy.


By Cayleigh