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About Xavier N

I like to read in my spare time My favourite Anamal is a polar bear My favourite food is steaks.

E-learning using my iPad

 This is the way I use my ipad for learning.

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My Maths on Fractions

This is my fractions presentation.

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Lightning is a source of electricity which made of a form of water and ice.  Intra-cloud lightning is the most common type of lightning. This occurs when there are both positive and negative charges within the same cloud.  All lightning

My Anzac Poem

 As all the soldiers jumped off the ship they were nervous.Because a couple miles out they could hear gun shotsAnd the yelling of the wounded It was like a person getting killed .The gun fire was as rapid as a

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My Beach

My beach is warm I like to have a swim.It feels hot. When I swim it is clear as the sky on a sunny day.I like sitting underneath a coconut tree and coconuts dropping beside me and I crack them

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How Big Is Your Footprint?

The greenhouse effect is the trapping of the warmth and making our planet warmer and warmer.  Fertilizers, cars, helicopters, planes and animals contribute to the greenhouse effect.   The greenhouse effect is where factories and fires produce smoke and the

My Autumn Haiku

The red Autumn leavesDropping from the massive treeTurning into mush.By Xavier N

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Room 2’s Trip to Motat

On Thursday the 26th of May all the Year 5s went to Motat.  My favourite thing was the train tracks under where we ate. There was a furnace and we threw chunks of wood into the furnace.  They had to warm

By |30th May 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|1 Comment

Senior School Swimming Sports

On the 26th of February,the Senior School went to Howick Intermediate and did a swimming competition. The day was really hot and sunny. We swam in an outdoor pool. There were six swimmers per heat. The water was medium somewhere

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That Was Summer

  Remember that time When you were fishing? and you felt a massive tug on the line and you got the snapper aboard. It was a beast and you lifted it And you dropped it aboard It was that heavy You were so stoked. That Was Summer. Remember the time When you

By |25th May 2016|Classes, Rm 13 Writing, Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments
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