On the 26th of February,the Senior School went to Howick Intermediate and did a swimming competition. The day was really hot and sunny. We swam in an outdoor pool. There were six swimmers per heat. The water was medium somewhere between hot and cold.
I got into all the finals for freestyle, breaststroke and backstroke. I felt excited and surprised that I got into the finals. I had not swam in a couple of years.
On my second race my goggles slide off my eyes onto my cheeks. It was irritating but I kept swimming. I felt the water rush over my head, I swam as hard as I could. I swam so hard that my arms felt floppy at the end of the race. I raised my face out of the water and was filled with excitement. I had came 2nd !
When I finished all my races I was pretty tired so I laid down and had a small rest. When the Senior School swimming sports finished, all the classes had to go back to buses. All the class got on a bus except Room 2. So all of Room 2 were very sad because we thought we were going to have to walk back to school. But after 15 minutes we finally got picked up. What a day for Room 2!