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This is where you can see my learning. I am Year Five. I like school, swimming and creating with rainbow loom bands. I also like doing paper runs.

Rollercoaster Roughness

I hear screams as the roller coaster halts to a stop. Slowly I approach it, not sure whether to be afraid or excited. I sit in one of the black and red leather seats and fasten the pole around my

By |31st May 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|1 Comment

Paradise Beach Day

The warm sun blankets over the beach,As the salty summer breeze blows through the tropical coconut trees.The sandy ground scratches my toes as I put on my sunblock.I enter the icy water, it flows up my body as I start

By |25th May 2016|Classes, Room 2, Senior School, Writing|1 Comment

Swimming Sports Rush

Swimming Sports Rush The wind rushed past my face as I dived into the pool. I was off. The water smelt strong of chlorine. It was as cold as a morning in Antarctica. The water was crystal clear like a

By |5th April 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments
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