I hear screams as the roller coaster halts to a stop. Slowly I approach it, not sure whether to be afraid or excited. I sit in one of the black and red leather seats and fasten the pole around my neck and chest. The roller coaster starts at a slow pace, getting faster and faster, climbing up a hill, Then suddenly it drops down, down and down, And does a loop the loop. People scream and put their hands in the air.  I can feel my stomach churning,  I should not have had three tacos, one soft drink and a delicious caramel ice cream sundae for lunch. I can see Sky City from the top of the roller coaster. I can see people bellow buying ice creams, soft drinks, tacos, hamburgers and the pinkest candy floss. Suddenly the coaster screeches to a halt. People cheer but… I do not get off!  I have five more goes before my mum can finally drag me off and onto the platform.  I will never forget roller coaster roughness. But just in case, I’m sure to go there again next year.