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This is where you can see my learning. I am Year Five. I like school, swimming and creating with rainbow loom bands. I also like doing paper runs.

Living and non living things

This is my Pic Collage on living and non-living things. 

By |14th September 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Year 6 Whitewater Rafting|0 Comments


Room 2 were learning about bivalves and univalve shells.  Here's my pic collage on them.

By |9th September 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

Cook Islands Skype Call

Yesterday Room 2 Skype called a village school in the Cook Islands.  We went onto Google Earth to show what part of the world our schools are in.  They showed us their beach and told us that it is their

By |7th September 2016|Room 2, School Events, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy

We are learning to explain the difference between Renewable and Non-renewable Energy usingStoryboardThat.  Please click on the strip to view. In the top left-hand corner of this new screen there is a small square (full screen) that allows the viewer

Cross Country

              The day was hot and windy. It was the day that most people dreaded and I did as well, was the CROSS COUNTRY! All the Year 5 girls were lined up fastest in the front

By |22nd August 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Sports, Writing|0 Comments

The Bubblegum Troupe

 On the 7th of July the Bubblegum troupe from the Royal Family dance studio performed for BBPS.  Our dear Jasmine from Room 1 was in the troupe.  Everyone loved the moves they had in their dances.  It was a truly

By |18th August 2016|Cultural, Events, Room 2, School Events, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments

Lollipop Maths

By |10th August 2016|Mathematics, Room 2, Senior School|0 Comments

Birds by Bethany

By |29th July 2016|Mathematics, Maths, Maths, Room 2, Senior School|1 Comment

My Mega Monday

On Monday the 25th of July my mum, my sister and I were in the car driving to Auckland from Hastings when we got a phone call from the Clearance Shed a store.  A few days earlier I had entered

By |27th July 2016|Events, Room 2, Senior School, Writing|2 Comments

Collective Nouns

This is my collective nouns presentation

By |30th June 2016|Room 2, Senior School, Writing|0 Comments
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