Dear Year 5 Parents

As part of our end of year celebrations, the Year 5 students would like to have a tennis morning. We are very fortunate to have Mrs Sim at the Bucklands Beach Tennis Club organising this morning for our pupils.   We will require some parent support to help walk our students to the tennis courts and back.

Our timetable will be……

Tennis at Bucklands Beach Tennis Courts  

Room 2

Leave school at 9.00 am

9.10 – 10.10 am

Room 3

Walking down at 10.00 am

10.10 – 11.10 am.

Room 4

Walking down at 11.00 am

11.10 – 12.10 am.

Returning to school by 12.30


On this day we suggest your child has a plastic bag with a drink and a small snack.

They should wear their PE uniform and sneakers/sports shoes.

The children are also to bring their tennis racquet if they own one. Balls are supplied.

We ask that the form below is returned to your child’s class teacher by Monday.




The Year 5 Teachers (Mrs Riach, Mrs Chilvers, Mrs Wilshire, Mrs Hunt)



I give permission for my child   __________________________________________________ to walk to and from Bucklands Beach Tennis Club on the 13th December 2016.

If possible, please circle the class you can help with………

I can walk down and back with………..

Room 2 – leaving school    9.00                                                Yes / No

Room 3- leaving school  10.00                                                 Yes / No

Room 4 – leaving school 11.00                                                  Yes / No


Name  _______________________________________________          Contact Ph number ______________________


Signed  ______________________________________________