Dear Year 5 Parents

On Friday 6th March 2020 we will be participating in the Year 5 “Education Outside the Classroom” trip to Red Beach (at the end of Ngapara Street). This will include all students in Room 2.

Beach Ed is a full day curriculum-based beach and surf safety course delivered by trained surf lifeguards. It is different from all other water safety programmes as it provides students with a real experience of Surf Lifesaving. Students are immersed in a Surf Life Saving environment with hands on experience of open water, beach and surf conditions.  The programme begins by covering basic principles of staying safe while having fun at the beach, then leads to more in-depth surf knowledge. This culminates in students learning how to identify hazards such as rip currents, ways to keep themselves and others safe, and what action to take if they get into trouble. Activities are set in the clubhouse, on the shore and in the water.

On this particular day all students will be required to be at school by 7.10 am, ready for a 7.30 am departure. They will finish the day at Red Beach around 2.30 pm and will be returned to school around 4 pm. Depending on traffic on the motorway.  Please be aware of this when booking appointments.

During the day, for safety reasons we ask all parents and teachers to participate in all water and beach activities. 
The programme requires a minimum of 1 adult to every 4 students in the water. We would very much like to reduce this ratio by having a lot of parent support. All parents and teachers will be required to bring their togs and it is suggested they wear wetsuits and must be prepared to get wet.

If you are unable to enter the water you are more than welcome to attend as a spectator however you will not be assigned a group of children to supervise. It is essential all supervisors can enter the water.

Requirements for this day


Children are required to wear shorts, a t-shirt and a hat. They will require a warm sweater should the day turn cold. They may also bring a pair of long trousers to put on at the end of the day. They will require their swimsuit, a towel and sunblock (30+). We ask this is packed in their school bag. (Wetsuits/Rash shirts if your child has one). Every child also needs shoes that they can run on the beach in – either sandals or sneakers (not jandals)

Food and Drink

All children will be required to eat breakfast before they leave home. They will need some small snacks (e.g. muesli bar to eat on arrival and before leaving Red Beach) + a large packed morning tea and lunch. The children will be doing a lot of physical activity and will become hungry. Please also pack two large bottles of water.

Medical Needs

 Please ensure all medical equipment not kept with the school office is with your child and your child’s teacher has been given written instructions by you, in advance.

School  Timetable for the Day

7.10 am                 Children arrive at school

  1. 30 am                All students seated on the bus ready to leave school

9.15 am                 Arrive at Red Beach and have a small snack and a drink

9.30 am                 Begin Surf Day

2.00 pm                 End Activities / Toilet etc

2.30 pm                 Leave Red Beach

4.00 pm (approx.)    Arrive Bucklands Beach Primary School – Parents waiting

The day will not be cancelled and will go ahead if it rains on the day.


Teaching Schedule (Guide Only)               

Note : This timetable is a guide and may be changed on the day.

The water component will be cancelled if the sea is not safe enough to enter.

The life guards will analyse the situation at the time and no compromises will be made.

The school has the overall discretion to cancel the water component if necessary.   

Faye Chilvers and Judy Chow will be the teachers in charge on the day.

Your child’s safety will be paramount at all times.


Beach Programme at Red Beach

Start Time

Time Taken

Meet the School bus (Arrival times may vary)

9:30 am


Welcome – Settle into Clubhouse

9:35 am

10 minutes

Introduction and housekeeping rules

9:45 am

10 minutes

Tour of club house + Parent/Teacher Orientation        

9:55 am

15 minutes

Morning tea

10:10 am

15 minutes

Sun Smart

10.25 am

15 minutes

Beach activities – Choose from the following: “Seaweed” or other beach game

Beach Flags

Beach Sprint

Beach Relays

10.40 am

45 minutes

Surf Safety: 5 Rules & Video 

11:25 am

15 minutes

ID and Role of Lifeguard

11:40 am

10 minutes

Mock Rescue                                 


15 minutes

Lunch break                                           

12:05 pm

25 minutes

Setting up a Beach Patrol

12:30 pm

10 minutes

Water Activities – Choose from the following:

Fetch The Ball

Tube Rescue                                  

Boogie Board

Cameron Relay

Free Time

12:40 pm

1 Hour

Wash down and change                                                        

1:40 pm

15 minutes

How can I become a Surf Lifeguard?                 

1:55 pm

10 minutes

Summary (hand out resources)      

2:05 pm

5 minutes

Home Time (Departure times may vary)                

2:15 pm




  • We will try to update the school website to inform you of the  leaving time andprogress through the Auckland traffic on the way home.




           The Emergency Contact number on the day will be :    


 Red Beach Surf Club (09) 426 5006

Mrs Chilvers 02108189772

Miss Chow 0221673435

Mrs McIntosh 02102553861



Jillian Redpath

Team Leader Senior School




Bucklands Beach Primary School Official Permission Form

Y5 – EOTC – Red Beach – 2020

Please could you remove this sheet and complete the permission form below and return this to your child’s class teacher in a named sealed envelope by Monday 10th February.

I give my child _________________________________(name) Room >__________ permission to participate in the Beach Education Programme on the 6th March 2020.

I am willing to pay  $31.00. ($16.00 per child to help cover the cost of bus transport to and from Red Beach plus $15 to cover the cost of my child participating in the Beach Education programme). (Please note: For safety reasons all students will be expected to travel by bus and remain in their class groups on the day. We ask that children do not travel by car}.

 I have paid on…..

                                 Kindo on the school website                Yes / No

                                 Paid at office                                                   Yes / No

I would like to be considered as a supervisor for this trip and I willing to enter the sea and participate in the water activities

                                                   Yes / No

If you have any medical or life saving qualifications please state below….



I would be willing to supply transport for myself and other parents from school  and from this venue Yes / No      

Please state below any medical requirements or concerns regarding your child swimming in the sea.



__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Should a helicopter/ambulance be called in the case of an emergency I understand the school is not liable for this cost.


Parent’s Name ________________________________________ Signature ____________________________________


Contact Phone Number _________________________________


My  Emergency Contact Number on the 6th March    __________________________________________


* All volunteer parents will be contacted prior the day with more informationBottom of Form