Dear Parents

Our Year 6 students have been invited to attend the Wero Whitewater rafting park for a free session as a part of the John Walker Find Your Field of Dreams foundation and Community Swim programme.  We believe this will be a great learning experience for our students and is related to our unit of Inquiry about Water. The aim of the programme is to familiarise students with moving water and how to be river safe – with a combination of theory and practical skills.

If you go to this website you can see what the day will look like


 WHEN :                                                   Wednesday 11th April  2018

 LEAVING SCHOOL (1st bus):              9.45am (by bus)     Room 19 + Room 2 boys  (36 students)

 SESSION 1 TIME                                    10.30 am to 12.30pm

 LEAVING SCHOOL (2nd bus)             11.15 am (by bus)     Room 18 + Room 2 girls  (42 students)

 SESSION 2 TIME                                  12.00 pm to 2.00pm         

 Duration of the programme:           Check in and  safety briefing (45 minutes), 1 hour on  the water, 15-30 minutes to return equipment and change – ready to depart.


·     Swimwear + shorts and a towel.

·     Wetsuits are optional

·     Sunscreen

  The children will all be supplied with a helmet and lifejacket which are worn at all times.  

Please note this activity is only for children. Children do not need to know how to swim.  There will be qualified instructors. Parents are however required to help supervise.

On the day, each raft will have a maximum of 7 children.

In order for your child to participate we require both the attached consent form and consent form below completed by Friday, March 9th.

Thank you

Jillian Redpath (Team Leader & Year 6 Teacher)      

Year 6 Teachers:  Erin Fowler/ Rachel Griffin


I give consent for my child   ________________________________________________ (name)

to travel to and from Bucklands Beach Primary School on the Field of Dreams bus to the Vector Whitewater Park on Wednesday 11th April.                                                            YES / NO


I give permission for my child to  participate in the 2 ½ hour white water rafting session at Vector Whero Whitewater park on Wednesday 11th April.                                           YES / NO


I am available to be an active parent helper at the   1st session /   2nd session (please circle)

  • Please note: parents will be required to supply their own transport.


Name ________________________________________  Date ____________________


Signed _________________________________