Parents/caregivers are invited to a meeting about starting a Walking School Bus. The meeting will be held on Monday 28 August at 9.00 a.m. in the staff room.

A walking school bus is a group of children who walk together to/from school with parent supervisors

Benefits of a walking school bus for:
• Take turns with other parents walking children to/from school
• Get to know other parents
• Spend quality time with your children
• Attend free events run by Auckland Transport and be part of Auckland wide Walking School Bus programme

• It’s a fun, social and healthy way to get to school
• Arrive at school energised and ready to learn
• Learn about Road Safety

• Students arrive on time
• Less congestion at the school gate

• Families get to know other families in the area
• Drivers are more aware of children walking
• Fewer cars on the road at peak time