Trip To Motat
On Thursday the 26th of May, the Year 5’s went on a trip to MOTAT. I felt waves of excitement rush over me as we scrambled onto the bus. The school bus was full of enthusiastic chatter. I sat next to my bestie and we played “yellow car” hilarious as always.

When we arrived at MOTAT, the Year 5s were taken to a big white tent where a lovely lady named Abby went over all the rules and activities we would get to do. I listened eagerly while keeping an eye out for my sister Sonja who was about to arrive any moment. She caught a ride with Mr Sur along with a couple of other Mums. After Abby finished speaking, we were given a much needed snack break. I made sure to fuel up to keep me going because it sounded like we were in for a busy, fun filled day ahead.

My group was Isabella, Bethany, Caprice, & I. Led by my cool sister we marched forward to explore our Motat exhibitions. We began at the ‘Body In Action’ exhibit.  There I came across lots of cool devices! One device allowed me to hear what someone else was saying way across the other side of the room. This was done by wearing headphones and aiming a ginormous “hearing ray” at that other person.

Next our sense of smell was put to the test when we tried to figure out what we were smelling through the clown mouths.
A few of the smells my nose detected were lavender, peppermint, coffee and coconut.
I enjoyed my time there but we had to hurry to the garage to be in time for our tram tour. The tram was large and had seats available at the top. Going to the top proved difficult because the stairs were very narrow. Philip the Tram Conductor, informed us about the electrical powered tram we were on.

Next we went to a private room where Abby showed us how everyday objects such as irons, cellphones, even writing tools had changed throughout the years.

Finally we had our lunch break where we refueled and prepared for Group Trails!
My sister Sonja was completely useless at reading the map.  She was so funny, but we managed to locate the places we needed to (as well as take a few photos at the fire station for my brother – he’s a fireman).

Before I knew it, we were dragging our feet onto the bus to go back to school.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Motat Trip.
My favourite moment was when we were in the old school house and my sister pretended to be our teacher.. She made our activities so much fun and we laughed our heads off and it made great memories of this Motat trip.

I look forward to more school trips and I hope my sister can come along too.