On Sunday the third of April a lot of schools went to Tip Top Schools run by The Rotary Club Of Pakuranga.

The first thing that all of us did was marching around the field. In the middle of the marching it started to rain really badly. Before we end the marching, the band people played the National Anthem.

We did Spongebob Wet pants which was the 1st activity. This is how it works. The front person puts a sponge under their legs and the next person over their head and then it goes to the last person. The last person runs to a bucket at the end and squeezes the sponge into the bucket.
The team who gets the most water wins.

Our next activity was The Wall. This is how it works. Some people carry a person that holds a jar with water on a black stretcher. We go down , up, down, up to a bucket to tip the water into it. Whoever has the most water wins.

Our next activity was The MineField. Samuel and I were sad because we didn’t have a turn ,but anyway this is how it works. We have a partner, a person who gets blindfolded and a person tells them where they have to go, because there are ice cream boxes on the floor and you have to dodge them.

Everybody moved to our next activity. Our next activity was The Newspaper Run. This is how it works. We have a paper stick to move a ball around some cones to the end. Then we put our sticks back where we got them from. Then we had to go under a sheet. Then we threw the ball into a bucket and the parents gave the ball back to us and we took the ball back to the start.

The fifth activity was Ski Run. What we have to do is to have four people going on a ski. Then we put our legs up and down. Whoever did it wrong made us all fall down. We say left, right till we went back to the start

Our next activity was Hoopla. We play it like this. The first person stands on a box. Then the second person takes a box and puts it in front of the person who is standing on the box until a red line at the end is reached. Then the person who is standing on the box jumps down with a ball and goes under a sheet to the end and throws a ball in the bucket.

Our seventh activity was The Husky Run. This is how it works. A person goes on a sleigh and four people pull him or her to a bag and she or he is going to pick up a bag. Then the fourth person pulls him or her to a cone and turns around. Then we go back.

Our last activity was Wobbly Wheels. It works like this. A person is a the back and a person with a ball is on a cart that wobbles. One or two people pull a person with the ball on a cart to the end. Then the person goes under some cones to the end and throws the ball to the person at the back.

At the end some staff were handing out medals and nice, cold, yummy ice blocks.