The Water Cycle goes round and round and really never ends. The cycle is like a circuit. It is also known as a Hydrologic Cycle. The water cycle uses the sun to start the water cycle, so the sun plays a really big part in it. The water cycle goes like this.

The sun soaks or absorbs the water, which leads to Evaporation. The water vapour floats up into the air, and then when it meets the cold air, the water vapour hardens and then informs a cloud.  This it is called Condensation. Then when there’s more water vapour joining the cloud, the cloud gets heavier. The cloud then gives way and then there’s rain, sleet, snow, hail and dew. This process is called Precipitation. When the rain comes down it could fall down into drains, lakes, rivers and seas. The water can also get soaked into the soil and up tree roots. It then feeds the tree through the leaves. The water droplets then appear on the leaves and then they evaporate into the blue sky. If there was no water cycle nothing will survive.

Not just humans, but animals and plants will also die.