On the twenty sixth of May the Senior School went on a fantastic trip to Motat. Motat is filled with interesting things, some old, some new. The first part of the trip was the meeting station. This was where we met before each activity. The first activity to do was the tram ride. Before the tram ride we got to have a look around the exhibitions. My favourite part of the exhibitions were the old video games. My favourite game was a game where you were either blue or red. Nobody could beat me at this.

The tram was ready for us at eleven o’clock. Once it was time for us to go down to the tram we went and found out that it wasn’t working. So we just sat and asked questions about how old the tram was. Then we got off and walked to the meeting place to have our lunch.

After lunch we went over to the classroom to talk about inventions and innovations. In the classroom there were four tables with different objects on top of them. On the first table there was an activity where you had to match the oldest of the same object with the newer object. On the table next to that table there were strange looking inventions that you had to guess what it was used for in life. The next table was small and it had a pot of ink on it for writing our names on a small piece of paper. On the next table there were different inventions that had been thought about and not made. The funniest thought was a toilet roll to where on your head when you need to blow your nose or sneeze. The table next to that had really old cameras and it also had a film strip. Next to that was the old phones. The oldest phones I imagine they’d be very complicated because they had no buttons or numbers like the new ones do. The newest one on the table I think was built about five years ago. The reason I think that this, is the phone had a bright purple penguin case.

When it was time to go we went back to the meeting spot and sat with our bags for the debriefing of the day. When the debriefing had finished one of the workers at Motat led us to where we had come in. We hopped on to the bus and waved to the parent helpers goodbye. My day was amazing.