A Perfect Place

My Dad comes from the beautiful tropical island of Samoa.
He has not been back to Samoa for almost 35 years but the one thing he remembers are the amazing beaches. I’ve never been to Samoa or even to a tropical seaside anywhere but I can just imagine it. Here’s what my Dad remembers.

The sun is glorious and it shares its warmth of at least 30 degrees plus with everyone. It doesn’t just warm the people, it warms the crystal clear sea and its white sandy surf. Sometimes the sun shares a little too much and the tropics are better enjoyed on it’s shore lying in a sun lounger with a nice cool drink.

You can spend hours daydreaming the day away lost in your thoughts while you watch the white frothy waves coming and going. If you’re not watching them teasing you to come into the sea you can still hear it’s non stop swishing and swooshing.
The tropical seaside has other fun filled things to do like shell treasure hunting and making sand castles.

My Dad’s favourite thing to do was snorkelling and deep sea diving. He loved to swim and get as far under the water as he could so he could swim with the most amazing tropical sea creatures he ever saw. The most favourite memory he had was swimming with a group of turtles!

My Dad loves NZ beaches too but I know that in his heart the tropical beaches of Samoa are a perfect place.

I hope one day I can take my Dad on a special trip back so I can experience what he felt and so he can relive what he remembers so happily.

Mulan Chan See