imageThe Day the Workers Stopped

    “Ring, ring.”  Everyone was seated in the class and I was with my brothers Kenny and Yen, and surrounding me were my best friends Athena, Emily, Angel, Anita, and Ashley. We were chatting happily until half an hour later, we realised that our teacher wasn’t yet there. Weird, we walked into the principal’s room, but no principal. We walked home wondering if it could be Betty, the daughter of the principal who must have told everyone not to work. She once even told the supermarket workers that they would be under the threat of everyone suffering, if they didn’t stop working.  Eve after the lie, 1 or 2 people suffered and died, but other people got saved after the workers regretted stopping and returned to their work.

Now, we wondered what she was up to. We arrived home finding mum and dad sleeping on the sofa, but they were supposed to be at work!  Well of course by now things were becoming more evil.  Betty would’ve told the whole community a better lie to make everyone believe it again. We tried to wake Mum and Dad up but found that they wouldn’t wake up, so we decided to tackle things ourselves. We ran back to school to find Betty taking the class, but there was no students!  We found that she was hypnotising everyone who works there.

   Emily, the strongest and bravest went up to her and shouted, “ what have you done?”

     Betty was laughing with evilness saying, “ why? Isn’t school boring? Stopping school makes people stop complaining.”

    As Betty was talking, she walked towards me just because I led the group of  friends and brothers I have. She was going to punch me because I interfered with her.  Just then Jason, my best friend stood up for me and saved me from the punch. I thanked him for saving my life. Suddenly, a light bulb came through Athena.

   She said “ How about we put up signs to convince everyone to go back to work.”  When we got home, our mum and dad were suffering.  We quickly put up signs that we typed and convince them.

   “ Betty, the student of Pigeon Mountain Primary school disobeyed the rules and lied to everyone so she could control the world.  Go back to work please because everyone is suffering.”

After what the workers saw what was happening and they regretted once again and everyone went back to work and settled down in peace.  It took us a long time to settle in, but it went back to normal again. We quickly used our pocket money and let everyone choose what they want to eat.  I bought some for my parents and we were back to normal again. My friends and I hugged each other and all celebrated the work we had done and the happiness we bought back to the world.