Hoping to make peace and end the war soldiers left their families behind.

On the outskirts of a town soldiers marched past a farm to get to the battle field. A farmer took his most precious animals onto his cart but he left the bantams in the farm. The farmer took his cart and went south so he could be safe and far away from the war.

The smallest bantam at the farm was weak because she hadn’t had food for a long time. One night the bantam slept in an over grown bush… BOOM!! A bomb had fallen on the farm. Nothing was left except for the small bantam.

A group of soldiers were having a rest near the farm. A soldier called Arthur heard a rustling in the bush. He saw the weak bantam ‘Time to go,” said the captain. Arthur hid the bantam under his jacket and carried on walking.

After the war Arthur named the bantam Bertha after his niece. The soldiers went on a ship that would take them back to their home country.