That was Summer
Have you ever begged your Mum for a few dollars for a refresh ice cream from the nearby dairy?
I’m sure you have that was summer.
That was summer

Have you ever slept on a rocking boat and caught a snapper to smoke for breakfast?
I’m sure you have.
That was summer

Remember when you ran to the beach to sunbathe? 
You went in the sea and swam around trying to find shells
Tired from chasing  your friends
You lay on the grass listening to the sound of the chirping birds.
That was summer

Remember when you stayed up late and played with the soccer ball until sleep time? 
That was summer .

Remember you fished at the dock  
And took the fish to the fish and chip shop 
And asked them to cook it and then took it home to eat?
That was summer

Remember when you ran with your friends and were longing to get to the end? 
And when you got to the end you were puffing.
That was summer.

By Troy