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Remember when we were jumping into the pool?
Doing a cannonball into the deep end.
And splashing around having water fights.
And firing water guns at each other.
Bubbles bursting and belly flopping?
That was Summer.

Remember having delicious barbecues in the gardens.
Sizzling sausages burning on the barbecue.
And the sweet smells that wafted through the house.
And as honey dribble down my chin, and
Landed softly on the tiles.
That was Summer.

Remember the mosquitos buzzing in the evening,
Swatting them away,but they return.
Buzzing in my ear,I run, but they follow.
Annoying, yes, annoying, that’s what I felt.
That was Summer.

Remember having those picnics?
The smell of food wafting through the air?
Laying down the blanket on the beach’s sandy bank,
And lemonade being put out,
And sandwiches laid on plates.
Do you remember?
That was Summer.

Lying on the warm sand,back facing the Sun.
The sun’s rays streaming across my body.
And the sunscreen being slapped on my back,
And the sliminess as the sunscreen soaks into my back.
That was Summer.

By Isabella