On the twelfth of September Room Two went to Te Tuhi for a school trip. It took about half an hour bus drive. I sat on the bus with Luke, Conner and my mum. We had lots of fun laughing and talking to each other. As soon as we got out of the bus Mrs Chilvers got everyone to line up into lines. Mrs Chilvers walked in and talked to our educator for the day whose name was Charlotte. She got us all to sit down on the tiled ground in front of her. I thought that the ground was heated because it was so warm. She talked to us about what we were going to be doing at the trip. She walked us down to a big room. She got us to get into groups of four or five.  Then she told us to come up with a famous story and think of a way to act it out. Once we had finished Charlotte took us to the art room and asked us to create a collage on the act we did. It was lots of fun. Once the time was up we packed up and walked out of Te Tuhi and got in the bus to go back to school. I had a wonderful day so did my friends and the class.