On the 26th of February the whole Senior School went to Howick Intermediate for their swimming sports. In the morning I was energetic and ready for the swimming sports. The teacher wrote down our race. We went to the Intermediate swimming pool. Miss Redpath said, “8 year old boys freestyle.”  It was my turn.  I was happy and nervous at the same time. Then Mrs Hunt banged the two bricks as loud as an elephant trumpeting could sound. The race started.  The water felt smooth and fresh like a fresh apple.  I was ready but… My googles fell off when I was diving and I had to hold on to the lane rope and I went back swimming.

At the end the best swimmers in each whanau raced .  Rangitoto won.  After that the classes went on the bus and there was no bus for Room Two. We had to wait for another bus and after awhile another bus came.  We were saved.