Shoes and jackets for people less fortunate


  • Mr Rist is going to make the blackboard chalk.


  • Students councillors need to remind class about kind words – teachers give gotcha for people doing right thing.
  • Where could we put kindness tree and anti bullying free zones
  • Room 16 – line marking , 4 square, x and 0 , repaint scooter man.
  • What happened to the friendship seat.  
  • Name sweatshirts – so much lost property.
  • Where are our areas that people do silly stuff:
  • Juniors:  astroturf, field, playground,  toilets – fitness track
  • Middle – astro turf, rotunda, assembly, maypole, toilets – fitness track
  • Senior-  corridor, drop off zone – wifi, games soccer rugby, playground, courts, behind room 10 – where containers, toilet main block – girls and boys climbing up – assembly toilets – fitness track