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In term 4 we do athletics. We do high jump, long jump, sprinting, throwing and relays. Classes practice at school before the School Athletics Competition.

Students who get through the School Athletics (usually in the top three places) go onto the Interschool Athletics. At the Interschool Athletics we compete with other schools like Elm Park, Pakuranga, Wakaaranga, Cockle Bay, Mellons Bay, Sunnyhills and Pigeon Mountain. It is a huge sporting event, which is held at Lloyd Elsmore Park.
Athletics helps you get fit and challenge yourself.

I’ve been to Interschool Athletics two times now, it was so awesome!

Year 6 student

Basketball is enjoyed by lots of students, big and small. We have a basketball court at BBPS with two great goals, with fancy backboards. Students are always shooting hoops.

We have our own school basketball team in the Eastern Bays Competition for students in Year 5 and 6. It is a fun way to keep fit. You feel very proud if you get a basket (a goal, not a real Little Red Riding Hood basket). It is such fun, so if you get the chance, join!

Year 5 Student

In summer B.B.P.S. Senior Students have the opportunity to practice and play cricket. Children who play cricket for the school team play other schools around Howick.

Cricket is a great sport. Practicing helps your hand get used to the hard ball. I’ve learnt that I must keep concentrating on the ball, just incase it comes to me.

It is great to be part of the school cricket team because I have met lots of other players.

Year 6 Student

Every year BBPS Years 3 to 6 students compete in the interschool gymnastics competition.

We have practices once a week, for 45 minutes at lunchtime.
Students compete in floor, bar, vault and beam.

If you get a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd you can go to Champions of Champions and compete against representatives from around all of the Auckland area. Then you get an individual and team placing as well from across the the competing Auckland Schools

Hockey is a good sport. It is a good way to meet other players. It is easy and fun to learn. If you are year five or six you can join a school team to play in the Fun Day event.

ump Jam is an aerobics programme developed by one of New Zealand’s well-known aerobics instructors. The children and parents at B.B.P.S. love doing Jump Jam to keep fit.

In the Junior School we begin Tuesday and Friday mornings with three fun Jump Jam aerobic routines, led by our enthusiastic Year 2 Jump Jam leaders.
We usually do it in the hall now, as we have the dvd up on the big screen and it really motivates us to participate and get fit and win ‘gotcha’ awards for our whanau.

In recent years our Jump Jam team have competed in the national Jump Jam competition.

Sometimes the whole school does Jump Jam together, sometimes whanau groups, sometimes classes do it…it is a great activity to enjoy with others.

At the beginning of the year there is the Weet-bix TRYathlon at Mission Bay. The children do their swim training in our school pool at lunchtimes. We often take top places in both the boys and girls events. Children from age 7 can compete.

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At Bucklands Beach Primary there are many opportunities to play netball. There is before school/after school netball, a field day competition and lunchtime games.

The Field Day is a chance for all children in Year 5 and 6 who are interested in netball to play. This year we had four teams in the field day.

During the winter terms some of the parents from our school run netball practice sessions for our students. Students of all ages come to these sessions; they are a great way to learn new skills.
We have a school netball team that competes in the Interschool Netball Competition. Being in this competition is challenging, fun and competitive.

Year 6 Students

Rugby is a lunchtime sport that Year 6, 5 and 4 students enjoy.

Students at B.B.P.S. have a range of opportunities to compete against students from other schools. A team participates in the Barbarian Rugby Tournament held in Devonport in May. Two teams compete in the Pakuranga Rugby Field Day and play lunchtime games against other schools.

Rugby is great because we get to play other schools, which lets us interact with other children. We enjoy playing rugby, as it is a fun and exciting sport.

Lots of kids at B.B.P.S have fun playing soccer at morning tea and lunch breaks. We have two soccer events that we participate in. The Soccer Fun Day gives kids that have never played soccer before, the chance to learn how to play a game of soccer. We also compete in an Interschool Soccer Competition, which is against other schools in East Auckland.

A whole heap of children tried to get into the school soccer team. About 12 kids got in and I was one of those twelve people in the team. I am very glad that I got in the team and I’m able to represent my school.

Year 6 Student

Bucklands Beach Primary School’s swimming pool is open all through the summer. Students use it during the day for swimming lessons, training and playing in. Families from the local community use it after school, in the weekend and during the summer holiday break..

Some seniors compete in races to get into the interschool swimming sports.

At the end of summer the junior school children have Splish Splash Day to celebrate all their new learning and confidence in the water.

We have solar heating installed in our pool so all students can swim without getting cold as it tends to be about 26-28 degress celcius.
We enjoy our swimming pool a lot.

Year 6 Students

Term 3 is the term for cross country running at BBPS. We do training during class time to prepare for it. Some classes have their own challenges within class. We have a school fitness track, which we use for training and for the school cross country competition.

The school cross country competition is held in year groups. Each year group is required to run a certain number of laps of the fitness track. We all sit in our whanau groups and cheer for our whanau.

At the end of the year group competitions, we have a whanau event where we get to run in fun ways. It is great seeing the big and small children running together. We also usually have an obstacle course for the juniors, at the end, that is run by the senior students.

Senior students get to run around the block and year sixes have to go twice. The winners get to go to interschool competitions. They are held at Lloyd Elsmore Park and you run around the muddy, grassy bit, not the actual running track. It is a lot of fun competing against all the local schools and seeing the rewards of doing the Beep fitness test that we do every term.

Three words; fun, hard and challenging.

Year 6 Students


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