BBPS PTA: What is it? Who are they?

(PTA = Parent, Teacher Association)

The PTA is a team of parents, who work alongside the teachers, staff, parents and Board of Trustees of BBPS, to achieve common goals throughout the school. At present our PTA is on hold.



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Our Fundraising

What has the PTA done for BBPS in the past?

Construction of: • Sun Shade for Pool • Adventure Playground • Gardens • Sandpit and Umbrella • Junior Playground • Fencing • Sun Shades for Adventure Playgrounds  • Astro-turf


Purchased: • Sports Equipment •  Sunblock for each Classroom • iPads • Hall Lighting • Musical Instruments • Sports Uniforms • Staff Winter Jackets • Solar Heating for Swimming Pool 

Organise / Contribute to: • School Galas • Quiz Nights • School Discos • Family Fun Night • Major Raffles • Nearly Five Parties • Social Evenings • Movie Nights • Calendar Art • Art Nights • Father’s Day Brekkie • Chocolate Fundraiser • Entertainment Books • Parenting Seminars • Second-Hand Uniform Shop • Working Bees • Howick Santa Parade • Road Patrol Acknowledgement …plus lots more!

What is the PTA currently working on?

Future Fundraising Suggestions

Why does the PTA undertake so much Fundraising?

BBPS is a Decile 10 school. The major implication of this rating is the amount of funding given to the school by the government. As a general overview, more money per child is provided to Decile 1 schools, than to Decile 10 schools. As a result, you will often find that parents of children at higher Decile schools will be asked to contribute more in terms of donations, trip fees, time, equipment and fundraising. TFEA is a resource to assist schools to lower barriers to learning faced by students from low socio-economic communities. • A decile 1 school (lowest socio-economic rating) receives $905.81 per student for Targeted Funding for Educational Achievement (TFEA). • BBPS receives $0 for each student. The SEG is intended to assist schools to help students with moderate special education needs, such as learning and behaviour difficulties. • A Decile 1 school also receives $73.94 per student for the Special Education Grant (SEG). • BBPS receives $38.05 for each student. Based on a roll figure of 400 students this is what a Decile 1 and a Decile 10 school would receive: (Decile 8 for comparison) Decile 1 Decile 8 Decile 10 TFEA $362,324 $18,744 $0 SEG $29,576 $18,600 $15,220 As you can see, Decile 1 schools receive substantially more funding from the Ministry of Education than Decile 10 schools. The purpose of conveying this information to you is not to question the rationale that underpins this funding, but to inform you of the Decile rating funding scheme and the impact it has on BBPS.

We would like to continue our thanks all our wonderful sponsors, from our local community and beyond. Please show your thanks by supporting them: