Hi my name Wayne Johnson, I’m the owner of SKiDS, BBPS and a few other skids in the East Auckland Area. I have been with SKiDS, for many years now and still loving it. My focus is to make sure your child is safe and having fun at SKiDS, while you can’t be there.  SKiDS stands for Safe Kids in Daily Supervision.

If you have any questions please contact us at or call me on 021 616 513

We believe:

  • That every child should be safe and cared for.
  • That every child has a voice.
  • That all children, no matter what their background, should have the same opportunities
  • That having strong relationships with our schools, families and children is vital for growing awesome Kiwi Kids
  • In being pioneers, in the out of school care industry by leading the way in offering new innovative programmes

Before School Care 

Start time – 7.30am

Roll call

Breakfast time

Games and activities

Close 8.30am – Kids go to class

After School Care

Start time – 3pm

Roll Call

Afternoon Tea

Homework Time

Play Time

Activity and Games 

Clean up

Close time – 6pm

Holiday Programme

Start Time – 7.30am

Planned activities through out the day

Outing Days

Holiday programme is available 3 weeks before holiday starts


Facebook – Search Skids Bucklands Beach (closed group)

Instagram – Search skids_wayne (closed group)