Our Staff

The school is organised into four teaching teams, which are led by 4 Team Leaders.

Teachers teach to children’s needs, their levels of ability and experience.




Kelly Slater-Brown
Kelly Slater-BrownPrincipal - away on study leave until Term 4 2024
Carole Crompton
Carole CromptonActing Principal until Term 4 2024
Moira Rowlands
Moira RowlandsActing Deputy Principal until Term 4 2024

Whai (stingray) Team

Mrs Marlene Jackson
Mrs Marlene JacksonWhai Team Leader and Room 7 Teacher - Year 0/1
Ms Delwyn Jackson
Ms Delwyn JacksonRoom 9 Teacher - Year 0/1
Mrs Liz Keel
Mrs Liz KeelRoom 6 teacher - Year 0/1

Honu (turtle) Team

Mrs Jacinta Howie
Mrs Jacinta HowieHonu Team Leader and Room 14 teacher - Year 2/3
Mrs Shari Knox
Mrs Shari KnoxRoom 10 teacher - Year 2/3
Mrs Zeenat Mahmaud
Mrs Zeenat MahmaudRoom 11 teacher - Year 2/3
Mrs Kim Parker
Mrs Kim ParkerRoom 13 teacher - Year 2/3
Mrs Lorna McIntosh
Mrs Lorna McIntoshRoom 12 teacher - Year 2/3 and Te Reo teacher
Mrs Margie Joubert
Mrs Margie JoubertRoom 12 teacher - Year 2/3 and Reading Recovery teacher

Maki (orca) Team

Mrs Jillian Leaf
Mrs Jillian LeafMaki Team Leader and Room 1 teacher - Year 4/5
Mrs Dilani Arawe
Mrs Dilani AraweRoom 2 teacher - Year 4/5
Mrs Faye Chilvers
Mrs Faye ChilversRoom 3 teacher - Year 4/5
Mr Sanjay Narayan
Mr Sanjay NarayanRoom 15 teacher - Year 4/5
Mr Philip Duncan
Mr Philip DuncanRoom 16 teacher - Year 4/5

Maki (orca) Team

Mrs Debbie Rist
Mrs Debbie RistAihe Team Leader and Room 4 teacher - Year 6
Mr William Miller
Mr William MillerRoom 18 teacher - Year 6
Ms Kris Jochimsen
Ms Kris JochimsenRoom 19 teacher - Year 6

Specialist Teachers

Mrs Diana Spencer
Mrs Diana SpencerESOL Team Leader, English Language Learners (ELL) Teacher
Mrs Ros Gray
Mrs Ros GrayReading Recovery Teacher
Mrs Tamsyn Chan
Mrs Tamsyn ChanPerforming arts specialist teacher

Admin and Support Staff

Sue Uden
Sue UdenOffice Manager
Jo Pieters
Jo PietersReceptionist
Jay-Jay Snider
Jay-Jay SniderLearning Assistant
Sunny Shen
Sunny ShenLearning Assistant
Liani Schutz
Liani SchutzLearning Assistant
Robyn Jones
Robyn JonesLearning Assistant
Kiki Wang
Kiki WangLearning Assistant
Jamie O'Donoghue
Jamie O'DonoghueLearning Assistant
Wendy Lin
Wendy LinLearning Assistant
Amy Pratt
Amy PrattLearning Assistant
Georgia Spence
Georgia SpenceLearning Assistant
Nicole Randall
Nicole RandallLearning Assistant
Sune Helg
Sune HelgLearning Assistant
Caitlin Sefton
Caitlin SeftonLearning Assistant
Amy Lin
Amy LinLearning Assistant
Steve Arthur
Steve ArthurCaretaker

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