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We love to run! We love to walk! We love to bike!

And…. we especially love to scooter!

Many children at BBPS walk or scooter to school, we know how important it is for our health and the environment.

Many of us meet our friends before school so that we can scooter together.

Our teachers encourage those children who are dropped off at school to walk the last kilometre… or at least about 8 houses away! Some children are dropped off down the road because they live many kilometres away, but they still want to make the most of the fresh air.

Ronald McDonald came to school and shard a story that reinforced the message with the three road safety rules. Stop, Look and listen before you use your feet.

‘Wanda’ the walking school bus came to BBPS to celebrate children that walk or scooter to school and to encourage others to be travel wise.
Wanda strolled around at morning tea time, hanging out with the children and giving them high-5’s.

Here are some pics from the ‘Back to School’ campaign that took place.

Our six Travelwise leaders took signs out to the footpath to give drivers the message of slowing down.

Well done, leaders.

Every year a team of four students is selected to represent the school in a Mathematics competition against neighbouring schools. The team has to work collaboratively to solve tricky Maths problems. Students enjoy the challenge of practising leading up to the competition as well as the competition itself.

Years 4, 5 and 6 compete in an annual speech competition.

Each student has time to write a speech on a topic of his or her choice. Finalists from each class go onto compete in the school finals.

The successful winner of the Year 5 and 6 competition competes against other winners from East Auckland. Year 3 students take part in an oral reading competition. They are also invited to the older students’ speech finals to see and hear what the speeches are like in preparation for their turn.

Trees for Survival is a charitable trust, run by the Rotary Club, that promotes school children growing and planting trees.

The idea is that students grow native trees in specially designed growing units, and plant them on at-risk land.

The new trees help control soil erosion, safeguard water quality, increase biodiversity, and beautify the landscape. Bucklands Beach students have been a part of this process for many years and enjoy the yearly trips out into wilderness spots to plant the trees they’ve nurtured since tiny seedlings.

For more information about Trees for Survival visit

Bucklands Beach Primary is made up of four Whanau Groups. Each Whanau has four leaders.

The Whanau are named after local islands in the Hauraki Gulf: Motutapu, Pakatoa, Rangitoto and Waiheke.

  • The 16 whanau leaders help organise school Whanau Days, and days like the clean up day on Eastern Beach.

    The whanau leaders help to look after the school, run assemblies, oversee whanau lunches and support their whanau.

We are proud to be a very successful enviro-school and students are enthusiastic about the vege gardens, the fruit orchard and the worm farms.


Is a system where it monitors energy use and it sends the information on the web. You can then access the graphs by logging in and you can see irregular power patterns, which you can use to save energy. By long-term usage, you can see who has the heat pump still left on, or the boiler on at midnight. That way, you can save lots more energy.

BBPS is excited to be one of only 5 schools in the whole of NZ to be part of this council funded project to encourage schools to conserve energy. Our saving of power can reduce the school’s carbon footprint.Enviro-Activities:

The enviro-team have a several garden beds where we grow produce such as strawberries, rhubarb, tomatoes and worm tea, the enviro-team sell all the produce for a gold coin donation.

The stall is often outside Room 1 on Fridays.

The enviro-team help around the school by weeding and picking up rubbish though there isn’t much to pick up!

Good news! In the end I am proud to say BBPS is an enviro-school and we plan to keep it this way by taking all our rubbish home and not encouraging rodents in the school grounds.

Written by a Year 6 School Enviro-leader.

We have a Patch to Plate Club where students can cook things at lunchtime using school grown ingredients. It is very popular and a lot of fun.