Please find some newsflash items below:

  1.   Sports Uniform Update

We are delighted to announce that the new sports uniform tops and shorts are now available for purchase! These are for Year 3-6 students, although younger students who wish to purchase a sports top can do so. (Please note that Whanau shirts are no longer available for purchase but at this stage, Years 0-2 may still wear them). The supplier is John Russell Menswear in Howick, and orders can be placed online through our BBPS website from tomorrow morning (10/3/16).

The new uniform is the result of work by a Sports Uniform Review Committee, led by a board member and comprising representative teachers and parents. The school needed to replace depleted stocks of worn out, outdated sports uniforms and could no longer sustain issuing these to representative teams, so an alternative was necessary. It was decided, in consultation with the full board of trustees, to replace whanau tops with a sports uniform which would look smart at both school and out of school events. Whanau representation will be shown by a coloured wristband (not yet available).

The new design, chosen in consultation with students, is the same for all children Year 3-6 (and available for younger children), and will enable you to pass it on through your family or sell second hand. 

The shirt is modern in its design. The fabric and design we have chosen is both practical and durable. 

The fabric for the shirt was chosen for its quality (NZ Made); comfortableness to wear (breathable); ease of care (wash, hang and dries overnight) and will not fade.  The type of material used has allowed the school to be branded in a professional and easily recognisable way on the sports field. 

We understand that the cost is a little more than other local schools (at present) but we are allowing a transition period of two years unless your child is representing the school at inter-school events where the new shirt is needed. The shirts will be easy to resell after you have finished with them at the second hand shop.

We have selected the same shorts BBI use so they will be able to be carried on through. 

Alternative options for headwear are ordered but are not yet available. A cap will become an optional alternative to a new bucket hat. 

As a sunsmart school, consideration has been given to a high back to the sports top and a cap with good coverage. We hope older children participating in sport will be more enthusiastic about wearing a cap. The bucket hat will not have a drawstring, which has the potential to be a safety risk. New headwear will have a tag stitched in, designed for names.

The PTA plan to fundraise in order to provide specialist sports uniforms such as leotards, netball skirts, rugby shirts, basketball singlet, soccer / hockey socks and swimming caps as existing stocks are inadequate / worn out.

We look forward to seeing our Y3-6 children, especially those in representative teams, wearing the new uniform with pride.

  1.   School Newsletter Online

The school newsletter which is published at the beginning of each month is now online.  You can read it on the new school website, or follow the instructions of an email sent you and log onto:     it would be appreciated if you do this so you know about ongoing activities. Many thanks.

I look forward to seeing you at our Family Fun Night 5.30pm this Friday.

Kind regards

Dorothy Bigwood