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Omoka School, Penrhyn Island, Northern Cooks Group
On Tuesday Room 2 had the opportunity to speak via Skype with a group of students from Omoka School which is on Penrhyn Island in the Northern Cooks Group. These students told us that they learnt art, music, English, Maori and Science at school. They were able to take their webcam outside so that we could see that the beach was their playground. There are only 450 people, about the same number of students that we have in our school on their island. We learnt that their village was a place where fishing was very important and being a fisherman was the occupation of most of the village men. They sang for us a song which is recorded below. Click on the video to hear them singing. We sang E Tu Kahikatea for them. We hope to connect with them again to learn more about their forms of energy.