Greetings All

We are now looking ahead to what Term 2 has in store for us.


Our unit driving our inquiry this term will be based on the theme “How the World Changes”.

We will be looking at this topic from a Science viewpoint.

The central idea will be: “The earth’s surface exhibits constant change.”

Our lines of inquiry will be……

  • composition of the earth
  • properties of the earth’s surface
  • agents of environmental change
  • the impact of the earth’s changes on the environment and people

Key Concept: Change

We would like to have guest speakers who either have a job related to geology or a hobby related to earth science, so if you know of a suitable speaker for our team, please notify your child’s class teacher.  Occasionally there is a news item related to this topic, if you see one, draw your child’s attention to this. For example, this week there was an interesting article about NZ’s shrinking glaciers.

We will also be focusing the value of responsibility towards looking after our landforms. The students will be developing the key competencies of thinking and using scientific language and texts.  Where appropriate we will be looking at the interaction between Maori and specific landforms and legends based on local landforms.  This may involve a walk in our local area; more information about dates of individual class visits will come out closer to the time.  

Organisation for Term 2

It is important that all children are ready for the term with new pencils (or a blue pen if they have their pen license), red pen and ruler. Many children now need to replenish their supplies. Please could you ask your child if they need any new purchases.

Winter Attire

As the winter weather sets in please can you ensure your child leaves home with suitable clothing for the day. On cooler days the students will need their fleeces and raincoats in their bags. Please can you ensure these are named as then they can be easily returned if they are misplaced.

Science Week

The National Primary Science Week, with the theme “The Periodic Table”, runs from the 12th May – 17th  May 2019. This is also National Road Safety Week.

Science Roadshow

This year for Science Week the Senior School will be travelling by bus to the Science Roadshow at Sancta Maria School on 17th May.  We will require some parent support for these sessions.  If you are interested please return the form sent home with your child.

Science in a Van

We will also have a fun session with Science in a Van at our school on the 7th June.  As this is in addition to the taught curriculum, there will be a charge of $5 per pupil if you would like your child to attend. The Senior School will be looking at ‘Move It! – Exploring the laws of motion’.

During this interactive show, our students will learn what Newton’s three laws of motion are all about. They will then apply that knowledge to fly “Space Chick Steve” across the school hall! This show will get the children thinking about how and why things move. Cleverly it introduces the concept of fair testing while exploring forces.

Physical Education

All Senior School children will require their PE clothing on Tuesday for dance training sessions with a fantastic dance group called STOMP.  

Year 5 will have their session at 2 pm and Year 6 at 2:30 pm. We are fortunate to offer these lessons free of charge. Last year the tutor had the whole team familiar with a choreographed dance in one session and the children loved practising the moves!

During the beginning of this term, Miss Wilson will be selecting students to represent our school in the gymnastic competition in Term 3. The students who are trialing will require flexible shorts e.g. bike pants and the school shirt.  New students can purchase a school sports shirt from John Russell Menswear in Howick.

Winter Sport Rotation

Our Senior School sport rotation will begin after Queen’s Birthday weekend. The children will also be doing regular fitness training in the morning to build up their stamina for Cross Country.  We will hold our school Cross Country on Friday the 28th June. (Saving day Monday 1st July). As the students run on concrete we ask that you ensure your child has running shoes/sneakers for Term 2.

Mrs Chilvers will run a running club Tuesdays and Thursday before school from the first week. This will start at 8am, meeting under the rotunda and will continue until the school cross country. If the weather is doubtful, Mrs Chilvers will have the children in Room 3.  If the day is very wet then your child does not need to go on that day.

Sporting Dates

Children who are selected for a winter sport will have their field days on the following days:

Rugby Field Days   week 5 and 8 (Dates to be confirmed)      

Netball Field day 29th May      Saving day 30th May

Netball Lunchtime competition during Term 2/3        

Soccer Field Day 7th May

Hockey Field Day   25th June. Saving day 27th June

School Cross Country 28 June at school

Interschool Cross Country 23rd August at Lloyd Elsmore (term 3)


In our maths lessons we will be encouraging our students to look at mathematical ideas/problems in different ways, using different forms, patterns and representations. We will be encouraging visual explanations to their answers as well as number answers. The students will be encouraged to solve problems collaboratively and to enjoy conjectures and challenges in order to develop a mathematical mindset for the future and solve real world problems.

Some topics in which our problem solving will take place this term will be Fractions and Decimals, Addition/Subtraction – when these strategies are fully understood the students move into multiplication/division, Geometry – 2D/3D Shapes, Measurement – Length /Perimeter/Area Volume/Capacity.

In order for our students to be successful with understanding fractions the students do need to have a recall of the division facts.  We highly recommend parents read the attached link to help understand ways you can support your child and the most current mathematical research into successful teaching of maths.

Maths Buddy

Maths Buddy and learning of the multiplication/division facts will continue to be our key maths homework for this term. Please can you ensure your child has regular sessions on Maths Buddy during the week and you discuss their learning with them as they work on the tasks. This programme is designed to meet your child’s individual learning level and a report is given each week. There are videos to support your understanding of the maths strategies.


Every class has a specific library book changing time during the week. Please can you ensure your child has their library book bag and their issued books at school on the correct day.  New library book bags can be purchased from the school office. Senior School students should be reading regularly as a leisure activity at home.


Our school continues to use sustainable practices. Friday is our Nude Food Day, when we ask children to bring food that is not in wrappers.

Queen’s Birthday

Please remember the 3rd June is Queen’s Birthday and the school will be closed.

Looking ahead

The Senior School production will take place at the end of term 3. We start working on this at the beginning of Term 3.

The last day of school for the year, will be 20th December and Year 6 Graduation will be the 18th December at 7pm in the school hall.

Fun Days

Bright Clothes Mufti Day April 10th  

Year 6 Bake Sale for the End of Year 22nd May

Enviro sausage Sizzle 28th May

School Disco Friday 31st May

Pizza Day 18th June

Year 6 Bake Sale 19th June

Bike Skills Day for Senior School   21st June (Don’t forget to send bikes/helmets to school)



The Senior Team

Year 5

Mrs Chilvers R3, Mr Petterson R2, Miss Chou R4

Year 6

Miss Redpath R1 (Team Leader), Ms Jochimsen R19, Mr Chamberlain R18