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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We are all looking forward to spring. Term 3 is an exciting term with lots happening.

Project Based Learning

This term we’ll be learning about ‘How To Express Ourselves Through the Arts’ – concluding with a whole school production of ‘Peter Pan’.  Night performances will be during the last week of this term.

Currently the children are being given the opportunity to audition for speaking and singing roles.


I hope you have all managed to install the Hero App, so you can see the learning goals your child is working on in class.  You can also report an absence quickly through the app.  If you have any questions about your child’s learning goals, please book a time to talk to their teacher.  If you would like any help navigating Hero, please email Moira Rowlands to book a time in or email any questions.

Speech Preparation

This year for the first time we are changing our speech format.  All students will be expected to write a speech however they will have a choice of competing in our schools competitive speech competition or to present a speech in class. Those competing in the non competitive speeches will write a persuasive speech on a topic of their choice (they can choose to try doing one of the other language strands).

The Rehu Tai Oral Language Festival

The competitive section will have four strands. The children will have the options of the oral language streams of Speech, Rap,102 Flash Talk and Spoken Word Poetry. The topic for the competitive speech will be “Diversity”. Each year group will be selecting six finalists for our school competition which will take place on September 3rd, 11am in the school hall. All parents are welcome to attend. Our winning finalist will go on to represent our school at the Owairoa School final on the 16th September. 

Here are the speech requirements to give you some indication of the differences …

Traditional speech 3 minutes (within 30 sec) cue cards acceptable

  • Judging categories
    • Speech Construction
    • Delivery/Construction
    • Content
    • Language
    • Effectiveness
    • Vocal techniques – no microphone, must project voice
    • No props

Rap – 2 minutes using cappella or instrumental beat as a backing track (microphone acceptable)

  • Judging categories
    • Originality
    • Language choice – no bad language allowed
    • Humour
    • Lyrics
    • Flow
    • Rhythm

102 Flash Talk- 3 minutes   12 Google slides of 15 seconds each – auto play, visual images on slides only, no cue cards, students talks to presentation.

  • Judging categories
    • Fluency
    • Visual imagery (only visual on slides)
    • Poetic device, metaphor,rhyme and rhymth
    • Performance
    • Vocal techniques – choice to use a microphone

Spoken Word– 3 mins

  • Judging categories
    • Creativity, word play
    • Memorised, fluency (no cue cards)
    • Abstract imagery
    • Poetic device, rhyme and rhythm
    • Performance, facial expressions
    • Vocal techniques, voice,tone and pacing
    • Choice to use a microphone

Kapa Haka/Singing

The Senior School Students will continue to have their session 12:00-12:30pm every Friday.

The students are also having a weekly visit from Whaea Anita to increase their Te Reo language skills

Sport Rotation

We will be doing a sport rotation every Tuesday morning in the middle block.  

The School Cross Country will take place on the 6th August, saving day will be Monday 9th August. Please can you ensure your child has correct running shoes (not their school shoes) and PE gear on this day. PE gear will need to be in their bags every day next week as we are having training runs around the streets on fine days. There is a running club being held by Mrs Chilvers 8 am next Tuesday and Thursday morning.


Some students will be selected for the following competitions

  • Epro8 Technology Challenge   23rd September
  • Writers Quiz  24th September
  • Mathex 28th September

Teacher Only Day will be the last day of the term 1st October.

From the Senior School Teachers

Room 1    Miss Redpath (Senior School Team Leader)

                  Mrs Ehrhart (Tuesday-Thursday)

Room 2     Mrs McIntosh

Room 3     Mrs Chilvers

Room 4     Mrs Millinchip  

Room 18  Mr Chamberlain

Room 19  Mrs Jochimsen

If you have any other queries please contact Jillian Redpath (Team Leader).