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Dear Parents,

We are now moving into Term 2. Here are some important points to note…..

Our Senior School team teachers for this term are:

Room 1    Ms Redpath (Team Leader)  Year 5

Room 1    Mrs Earhart  Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Room 2    Mrs McIntosh  Year 5/6

Room 3    Mrs Chilvers  Year 5

Room 4    Mrs Millinchip Year 5

Room 18  Mr Chamberlain Year 6

Room 19  Ms Jochimsen (Ms J) Year 6

Project Based Learning in the Senior School

During the term we will be investigating Planet Earth and Beyond.  We will be using the disposition of “Thinking like a Scientist.   During this unit we will be inquiring into……

  • ideas and observations about the Sun and the Moon and their physical effects on the heat and light available to Earth.
  • water, air, rocks and soil, and life forms that make up our planet 
  • water cycle and its effect on climate, landforms, and life.
  • components of the solar system, developing an appreciation of the distances 

We will be investigating through science experiments. At the end of the term each class will communicate our new knowledge with a written format decided by the class.  Our written language programme this term (among other text types) will involve explanations, writing up science experiments using a scientific method and science journaling.  Maths will also incorporate measurement and scale drawing.  If you have any expertise in any of the above inquiries we would love to hear from you.  We are very excited to see students enjoying the visits that have been planned for the Stardome Observatory.

EOTC – Year 6 Camp 

This week 17th-21st May, Year 6 is away on camp.  We are sure they will be creating many happy memories they will take away with them for life.  Special thanks to the parents who are attending this camp.

Physical Education

Our focus for sport rotation this term is winter sports such as Hockey, Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Rugby, Badminton.  We need all children to have their school sneakers, shorts and t-shirts on these days. Please can you ensure these items are in their bags. We will also begin cross country and gymnastics training this term, ready for the beginning of next term.

Here are our dates for other upcoming sporting events……

  • Hockey   HPPA 29th June
  • Soccer    HHPA Fun Day 18th May
  • Rugby    HPPA Rugby 11th May,  Barbarians Rugby Sunday 23rd May, Friday 11th June field day, Friday 2nd July
  • Netball    HPPA Fun Day Tuesday 25th May, Saving day 27th May,  Tuesday 1st June
  • Hockey  Field day  Tuesday 29th June


Our choir group will be performing on the 28th and 29th July starting at 6 pm, They will have rehearsal on the 28th July from 12- 3pm.


We have four chess teams competing on Monday, 24th May. Chess club for all students is on Mondays at lunch time.

Kapa Haka/Te Reo/Singing

Kapa haka and Singing is now happening every week for ½ an hour on Friday. The students have chosen which 

activity they wish to attend. The students are also having a weekly visit from Whaea Anita to increase their 

Maori language skills. The key learning intention for this term is to understand the nine stars of Matariki, 

the stories behind the rising and passing of Matariki through the sky and the atua and their domains that 

these stars connect to. Matariki this year falls on 19th June till the 11th July.

Home Learning

If you wish to  take the opportunity to support your child’s learning at home we suggest: 20 – 30 minutes per night. Please remember we have MathsBuddy, EPIC online (reading), Kiwi Kids News and word study.  Playing multiplication games to increase your child’s fluency so that the facts can be applied in other areas of maths and problem solving is encouraged.  See Please remember that your child can also practise their multiplication facts with a game at the bottom of MathsBuddy site.  Our students continue to need a lot of experiences talking about practical measurement and fraction problems.  Please look for these opportunities at home and in the supermarket.

Geography Knowledge-a-thon 2021

Every child should now have a sponsor form with instructions and a question sheet with geography questions to answer.  Our tests will take place on the 11th June.  After the sponsor money is collected please can you pay this into the PTA bank a/c 12-3040-0532339-00 with your child’s name and room number by Friday 25th June. We hope your child enjoys increasing their general knowledge. If your child has difficulty with spelling, do not worry as they will not be marked on this, for this event.

Senior School Reminders

  • Please don’t forget we have a Queens birthday break on Monday 7th June.
  • Wearing the winter school uniform begins after Queens birthday weekend.
  • Please ensure your child has a warm fleece on the colder days and a jacket for the wet
  • Hair that touches the shoulder must be tied up for health and safety purposes.
  • Uniform items, hats, drink bottles are to be named with a permanent marker
  • No jewellery is to be worn (only plain studs in pierced ears are allowed and wrist watches)
  • Please leave toys, collectables and trading cards at home to enjoy. We cannot be responsible for any loss or damage of personal items brought to school. (Cell phones must be left in the office and collected at the end of the day.  It is only to be used after school hours.)  Rubik’s Cubes are allowed
  • Due to food allergies, it is school policy that children do not bring food treats to school for the other students, including birthday lollies/cake.

There is a NZ Playhouse Theatre group visiting the school on the 6th July, more information will follow.

A Scholastic Book fair will be held from 5-9th July.  Parents are encouraged to visit this fair in the school library.

Student Led conferences will be held on the Wednesday 7th July (3pm-5:30pm), Thursday 8th (1:30-7:30 pm)

School will therefore finish early on Thursday. This will be the last day of school as the term will end with a Teacher Only Day on the 9th July. (No school for students on this day).

Please note for student safety, if your child is sick, late or absent for the day it is important you phone the school office on 534-6543 or go onto the school website and click on ‘Report an Absence’ to send an email to the office, by 8.50 am. Our office staff follow up students who are unaccounted for.

Please remember the school calendar and this newsletter can be viewed on the school website



The Senior School Teachers