On Friday 10 students joined Miss Redpath and Mrs Chilvers to present the science learning that they have been doing at Bucklands Beach Primary, to a number of teachers and students at Wakaaranga Primary School as part of a Science Hui organised by our local Half Moon Bay Cluster of which BBPS is a member.  Teachers present, had travelled from as far as the north of Whangarei as well as  coming from Central Hawkes Bay.  In total 4 of our staff attended.

Miss Redpath spoke on how our Science plan fits into our curriculum and students from Mrs Chilvers’ robotic rotation group took a workshop on  coding.  This was followed by 2 students from Mrs Griffin’s rotation group who demonstrated the activities they were coding in Scratch, an online coding platform.   

We are very proud of these students who have only had two sessions of instruction in their groups.  They articulated well and spoke confidently.

Finally 2 students from the after school  group demonstrated how makey makeys and an arduino computer can be programmed using Scratch.

It was heartening to hear Chris Clay from Mindlab speak on how the building of robots fulfils many the requirements of teaching Science and Nanogirl (Dr Michelle Dickinson from Auckland University) talk about the importance of teaching coding to our students.