On the 4th of March the Year 5s went to Red Beach. We had to arrive at school at  7:20 in the morning and get into our groups. We  hopped on the bus with excitement. It was a one hour drive to Red Beach.   When we got there we had some food. It was delicious. Then we went into the clubhouse and went over some rules. Then we had some morning tea.  I was very hungry and we got changed into our wetsuits.  First we had some activities and did some water activities.  We first  dived under the waves.  It was fun. Then we did body surfing.  The waves were awesome. Then we did saving.  After that we had lunch. I was starving.  After lunch we put our bags on the bus and went into the clubhouse to do a quiz.  We had to look at the whiteboard and write down the things that we saw. Then we went back to school.  It was a fun trip.