On Friday the 4th of February the Senior School went to Red Beach to learn about water and surf life saving.

When we arrived we were shown around the club house. Then we had morning tea on the bright green grass that was near the beach. After that we went back into the clubhouse to meet the lifeguards and to learn about rips.

After we learnt about rips we got changed in the cramped changing rooms. We then went onto the golden yellow sand to play some beach activities. We first played tag. Everyone was in. I got tagged twice. Then we did some relay races using the rescue tubes.

After the beach activities we finally did some fun water activities. Room Two was with Lanni the lifeguard along with some Room One boys. She first taught us how to wade in the water I could feel all the water splashing onto me. Then she taught us how to do a number of different dives.
We then got some boogie boards and went into the dark blue water. The third wave pushed me all the way to the shore of the beach it was so fun. The fourth wave tipped my board over so I had to flip it around.  Finally it was time to do some life saving.  My partners were Xavier and Jan.   We had to save the person in the water.  After that we got changed.   We ate lunch and went onto the bus and waved goodbye to the lifeguards.