On Friday I went to Quickhit cricket. I felt rally nervous because I didn’t know how to play cricket, not one bit. After the roll Alex, my friend and I sat outside on the court until Mr Chamberlain let us hop on the bus. When he finally let us hop on the bus Alex and I sat next to each other. When we got there I was freaking out until I heard that we would get told how to play and I felt so relieved. On our first game we played our own school. Our team were the first batters.  I started to get really good and when we got up to fielding they said I was really good at bowling.  After a couple more games we were up to our second to last round and we were desperate because the past few games we had lost all games with 19 points. We were fielders first. This game I did quite well getting the ball to the wicket and making them lose one run. When we were batters I hit like never before. I was so proud.  When we were done, the other team got 57 points and we got 52. We achieved so much. And on the last round we got 47 and the other team got around 50 points. When we had done all games we got an ice block and a drink. I think my favourite part was bowling.  Today was really fun.